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Student Art Contest

The Pearl Fincher Museum of Fine Arts is pleased to present its 2024 Student Art Contest and Juried Exhibition. The purpose of the contest is to recognize the artistic achievements of our area students and to increase community involvement in the museum. All public, private, and home school students in grades 1-12 residing in the following school districts are encouraged to participate: Aldine ISD, Conroe ISD, Cy-Fair ISD, Klein ISD, Magnolia ISD, Spring ISD, and Tomball ISD.

Due to ongoing concerns regarding COVID-19, this year’s contest will digitally submitted. Please, submit an image of your work with your Google Form Entry. Click the links below to learn more. 


The Pearl Fincher Museum of Fine Arts is located on Cypresswood Drive near the intersection with Stuebner-Airline.


Pearl Fincher Museum of Fine Arts
6815 Cypresswood Drive
Spring, TX 77379

Entry Form

Student Art Contest 2024 Winners

Elementary Division

1st Place Winner: Joanna Loo, Age 10, Homeschool, Teacher: Christine Loo

A Mare Named Sienna, Acrylic on canvas, 11×14.

I used acrylic to paint this quarter horse mare and I wanted to show its expression in a realistic manner. My favorite part is her eye because it is very expressive.

Second Place Winner: Elle Poelma, Age 10, The John Cooper School, Teacher: Amy Dietrich

Florida Beach Absorbing the Colors of Daybreak, Printmaking, 8.5×11.

I’m inspired by sunrise at the beach in Florida. The gradient of red, yellow, and orange represents the sun and the life it brings to the leaves. The water surrounds everything with waves and whitecaps or could it be the sky with clouds? I created this by overlapping two monoprints, using silk leaves to block out the blue and show the orange print below.

3rd Place Winner: Sophia Rivera, Age 11, Spring ISD, Anderson Elementary, Teacher: Corey Tay

Thiebaud Bakery, Oil Pastel, 9×12.

I would state my art as an after dinner snack or a dessert on a birthday. The pop artist Wayne Thiebaud and his colorful scenes of food inspired me to make this piece. I did this art piece with lots of shading and blending in mind and the use of blacks and whites to make shades and tints of my colors. I learned to creatively use shading and blending to enhance my art.

Honorable Mention: Lorenzo Careranza, Age 7, Spring ISD, Booker Elementary, Teacher: Sierra Schriefer

Musical Shapes, Oil Pastels, 8.5×11.

I was inspired by the artist, Picasso and Hispanic Heritage month. I was inspired by the shapes in Picasso’s paintings. I chose to create an artwork of a guitar like Picasso, because it was Hispanic Heritage month when I created the artwork. Guitars are an important part of Hispanic Heritage music. The shapes look like they are dancing to the guitar’s music.

Middle School Division

1st Place Winner: Toluwanife Omogbeniqun, Age 13, Cy-Fair ISD, Salyards Middle School, Teacher: Julie Peterson

Nimo, Pastel, 9×12.

This art piece is of my sister. She means alot to me. I am so close to her that’s why I drew this portrait. I used oil pastels and blended them together to create a nice composition. During the process, I learned to use multiple different colors to get the desired color scheme.

2nd Place Winner: Madelyn Walkoviak, age 14, Klein ISD, Krimmel Intermediate School, Teacher: Sarah Grant

Flight in Golden Light, Acrylic, 11×14.

My artwork is a picture of a plane displayed in the middle of a desert. It may seem simple, but it helped me realize that I really love to paint and enjoy working with vibrant colors. Not only that, but I feel like. it has inspired me to paint more!

3rd Place Winner: Itzel Mendosa, Age 13, Spring ISD, Roberson Middle School, Teacher: Evan White

Sunshine Will Come Again, Photography, 18×24.

What has inspired my work the most has been emotions like sadness. I’ve always wanted my photos to be full of angst and mystery. To achieve the photos that I wanted, I searched online for inspiration for what I wanted. Altogether, I would like my art to be viewed with heart-felt emotion and intrigue.

Honorable Mention: Alyssa Gill, age 13, Klein ISD, Ulrich Intermediate School, Teacher: Meredith Waggoner

My Minds Fantasy, Oil Pastels, 16×20.

I made this artwork, so it can represent how I look and even how I feel. My main medium is oil pastel which was used fully in my self-portrait. I chose this medium, so it could blend better and very well. The aesthetic I chose was cool tones. I went with a cool tone because I like the color blue and it’s the color of my LED lights that helps me fall asleep.

High School Division

1st Place Winner: Bitiah Binoj, Age 17, Cy-Fair ISD, Cypress Ranch High School, Teacher: Melanie Offutt

Motorcycle Renaissance, Gouache and Colored Pencil, 9.25×13.25.

Using gouache and colored pencil, I hightlighted the juxtaposition of the presence of a motorcycle in a living room. My piece explores the discord between boldness and subdued elegance, meant to convey the feeling of being out-of-place: too “loud” in a tranquil environment, the sense. of not belonging.

2nd Place Winner: Lily Lyons, age 18, Magnolia ISD, Magnolia West High School, Teacher: Destiny Ortiz

Low Exposure, Chalk Pastel on Paper, 22×28.

My drawing is based on a long exposure photo of myself moving. The last couple years I have been experimenting with different ways to capture change over time. In this piece I have documented. afew seconds of movement onto one piece of paper rather than just one frozen moment in time.

3rd Place Winner: Ravine Cohen, Age 17, Cy-Fair ISD, Cy-Fair High School, Teacher: Victoria Sanchez

Nostalgia from Scratch, Gouache, 18×14.

This scene of my mom cooking dumplings was painted primarily in gouache, with the steam — reminiscent of Chinese ink paintings– drawn in water-soluable pastel. I created it as a celebration of how food amplifies memories and plays a central role in culture.

Honorable Mention: Arturo Luna, age 18, Magnolia ISD, Klein Forest High School, Teacher: Osvaldo Carrillo

For the Fight, Photography, 14×20.

This artwork was created during a protest that was held in City Hall. I knew that in the protest there would be a lot of strong emotions, and it would make good photos. I decided to shoot the event since I wanted to support the cause and stop the killing.

Juried Selections

Katharine Steffens, Age 10, Christ the Redeemer School, Teacher: Judith Scholtes

The Egret, Watercolor, 9×12.

Oliver Munoz Zamudio, Age 10, Magnolia ISD, Bear Branch Intermediate, Teacher: Tara Ratliff

The Green Caiman, Oil Pastels, 12×18.

Aly Vo, Age 10, Spring ISD, Thompson Elementary School, Teacher: Sulinder Baboo

The Singing Fish, Oil Pastels, 9×12.

Melinda Phan, Age 11, Klein ISD, Zwink Elementary School, Teacher: Sidglide Gonzalaz

Playing in the Meadow, Soft Chalk Pastels, 9×12.

Arya Patel, Age 10, The John Cooper School, Teacher: Amy Dietrich

Fast Paced Lines at the End of Time, Printmaking, 8 1/2×11.

Baybi Medrano, Age 13, Cy-Fair ISD, Arnold Middle School, Teacher: Kimberly Bierwirth

Sparks of Joy, Acrylic, 9×12.

Emma Zhao, Age 14, Cy-Fair ISD, Salyards Middle School, Teacher: Justin Lamarche

Cat in the Bag, Digital Art, 10×14.

Lylah Gealow, Age 11, Spring ISD, Twin Creeks Middle School, Teacher: Dorris Pauley

Rode to Serenity, Photography, 18×12.

Tiffany Zhao, Age 16, Cy-Fair ISD, Bridgeland High School, Teacher: Nancy Hines

Apathy, Graphite on Canson Mi Teintes Paper, 10×10.

Hayley Atchetee, Age 16, Magnolia ISD, Magnolia High School, Teacher: Sherri McIntosh

A Girl’s Best Friend, Graphite, 14×10.

John Harris, Age 17, The John Cooper School, Teacher: Jennifer Schiebel

Ready for Flight, Photography, 13×19.

Logan Burse, Age 18, Cy-Fair ISD, Cypress Ranch High School, Teacher: Jason Neumann

Standing in the Reflection, Photography, 15×15.

Carrington Woolridge, Age 16, Cy-Fair ISD, Cypress Ranch High School, Teacher: Melanie Offutt

Don’t Touch my Hair, Acrylic paint and Synthetic Hair, 36×24.

Yanelitza Anderson, Age 15, Conroe ISD, Conroe High School 9th Grade Campus, Teacher: Ashley Magee

Sisterly Love, Mixed Media, 16×22.

Paige Parkinson, Age 17, Conroe ISD, Grand Oaks High School, Teacher: Dandridge Reed

Define Feminine:, Oil Paint, 20×16.

About the Contest

The Pearl Fincher Museum of Fine Arts’ Student Art Contest is held each spring and is one of the most anticipated annual events at the Pearl. Administered by the museum’s Volunteer Guild, the contest recognizes the artistic achievements of students in Northwest Houston and fosters their continued access to art education opportunities.

The contest receives an average of 250 entries each year, out of which 27 student artists are recognized.  Students are honored at the contest Awards Ceremony and their artwork featured in an exhibition at the Pearl.

All public, private, and home school students in grades 1-12 from the following school districts are encouraged to participate: Aldine ISD, Conroe ISD, Cy-Fair ISD, Klein ISD, Magnolia ISD, Spring ISD, and Tomball ISD. Contestants from private schools and home school students residing in the above districts are also invited to participate.

Contest Schedule

      • January 19, 2024 — Artwork entry forms made available on museum website
      • March 8, 2024 — Deadline to submit online artwork entry forms
      • March 13, 2024 — Contest adjudication
      • March 14, 2024 — School administrators notified about contest results
      • March 29, 2024 — Artwork delivered to museum with signature forms
      • April 4, 2024 — Exhibition opens
      • April 26, 2024 (tentative) — Award ceremony and prize pick up
      • April 30, 2024 — Exhibition ends
      • May 13, 2024 — School administrators pick up artwork

Rules and Regulations

1. Purpose Statement

The purpose of the annual Pearl Fincher Museum of Fine Arts Student Art Contest and Juried Exhibition is to recognize the artistic achievements of our area students and to increase community involvement in the museum. The Student Art Contest is open to students in grades 1-12 in public (districts listed below), private, and home schools.

All winning entrants will receive awards appropriate to their grade level. Winning art may be used in print materials and displayed at the discretion of the museum. However, winning art will be returned to the student following the culmination of contest events.

2. Theme

The contest does not have a specific theme for submitted artwork. All entries, however, should adhere to subject matter appropriate for a family-friendly display. Artwork that includes profanity, obscene language or symbols, depiction of drug abuse, criminal violence, or nudity will be disqualified. The museum and its contest representatives have sole discretion in determining the appropriateness & eligibility of entries.

3. Eligibility

Public school contestants must be enrolled in grades 1-12 in one of the following participating school districts:  Aldine ISD, Conroe ISD, Cy-Fair ISD, Klein ISD, Magnolia ISD, Spring ISD, or Tomball ISD. Public school students must enter through their school districts. Private School & Home School students must reside in one of the above districts, and enter through the school in which they are enrolled. Students who attend classes virtually are eligible to participate, but are still required to abide by the rules and regulations.  

All entries must be created under the supervision of an art teacher at the student’s school. If students attend a public school system, the art teacher must coordinate with the district visual arts administrator before submitting an entry form. Students working in a home environment may not receive instruction or guidance from anyone other than the supervising art teacher (e.g.,  a parent/guardian, private tutor, or other teacher).  Artwork created under the supervision of private tutors outside of the student’s school program is not permitted for entry.

4. Originality

a. All work must be entirely created by the student. The entry must be conceptualized, developed, and 
completed by the student. Each student may only submit one art piece for consideration.

b. Only one student may work on a single entry. No group project submissions will be accepted.

c. Artwork previously entered into the Pearl Fincher Museum of Fine Arts’ Student Art Contest may not be 
re-entered. All 2024 contest entries must be completed in the 2023-2024 academic year.

d. Visual resources or references should be collected by teachers for each artwork. References do not need to 
be submitted digitally. They will, however, need to be submitted with the physical artwork when the winning entries are brought to the museum after adjudication. Omission of references with winning entries may result in disqualification of the entry; an alternate winner will then be selected. References include, but are not limited to, original photographs, student-directed photographs, preliminary sketches, and rough drafts. Unless created through direct observation, all works of art should have a visual resource(s).

e. Original student photographs or student-directed photographs may be used by students in the development of the entry. Photographs not originated by the student may not be used as source material for artwork submissions. Copying a photograph exactly in any media is prohibited. Images traced with the use of a projector or other mechanical means are prohibited. 

5. Guidelines for Artwork

a.  Artwork must be two-dimensional and completely dried or fixed.

b.  Maximum entry size: artwork may not exceed 36” (height) x 24” (width), including matting.

c.  Artwork must NOT be signed on the front of the piece.

d.  Artwork does NOT need to be matted, mounted, or ready to hang unless selected as a winner.  After adjudication, winning entries should be prepared according to the following guidelines:

    1. Works on paper should be matted (using black or white mat) or mounted to protect the artwork. Works on stretched canvas frames or canvas board do not need to be matted.
    2. Paintings on canvas frames must be wired and ready to hang. Any piece that is particularly heavy or fragile must also be ready to hang.
    3. Artwork may not be framed.

e.   Each student may submit one piece of artwork into the contest, in any of the following media:

      • Drawing – Colored or graphite pencil, ink, pastel, crayon, chalk, marker, or charcoal. Pastels and charcoal must be protected with a fixative spray.
      • Painting – Acrylic, watercolor, oil, tempera, and other plastic paints.
      • Printmaking – Block print, monoprint, collagraph, serigraph, lithograph, + other forms.
      • Mixed Media – Entries in which two or more 2-D media are combined in a single two dimensional entry; includes collage.* Materials may extend up to one inch from the surface. (*Collage – No more than 20% of collage material may be from newspapers, magazines, books, or other material pre-printed with text or designs (such as scrapbook paper). 
      • PhotographyIncludes original traditional or digital photographs taken by the student, in color or black and white.
      • Digital Art
        Includes compositions rendered on a computer from a blank workspace, as well as compositions that
        begin with the student’s original photograph, drawing, or illustration that is scanned in and completed
        with digital processes. Entries should adhere to size, matting, & originality guidelines as specified above.
      • Media NOT allowed at this time: Animation, video art; ceramics, sculpture, jewelry, and other 3D work.
6. Preparing Artwork for Entry

a. Divisions
The artwork submitted to the Student Art Contest is grouped and judged in the following divisions:

    • Division I:  Grades 9-12
    • Division II:  Grades 6-8
    • Division III:  Grades 1-5

b. Entry Fee
There is not a required entry fee for the Student Art Contest. Contest expenses, such as the awards, printing of the contest brochure, and jurors’ fees, are funded by museum supporters and community members.

c.  Online Entry Form
The online entry form will be made available on the museum website ( on January 19, 2024. All entrants must accurately complete and submit the contest form electronically by March 8, 2024.

The online form will collect information about the student and artwork, as well as the required Artist Statement. The statement should be approximately 50 words describing the entry. Elementary grade level teachers/parents may assist in writing and/or transcribing the description. The Artist Statement may assist jurors in learning more about the artwork, which could affect judging outcome.

d.  Artwork Photographs
In lieu of submitting physical artwork for adjudication, this year school administrators must submit digital photographs of each entry. *Same as 2023* Students will submit photos in their Google form by uploading an image file with their entry form.
Photograph Requirements:

    • The artwork should be shown in its entirety.
    • Only the artwork should be shown – do not include mats in the photograph.
    • Files should be less than 10MB and labeled by assigned number.

e.  Signature Form – Required *only* for winning artwork entries, after adjudication
In addition to the online entry form, a signature page will also be available to download online. This form will only need to be submitted for students whose work is selected as a contest winner.
A physical copy of this form, complete with signatures, should be submitted when the winning artwork is brought to the museum. All schools will be notified on March 14th (tentative) about the status of their entries.

This form will collect certification signatures from the student, a parent or guardian, art teacher, and school principal, which confirm that the student has abided by the rules and regulations of the contest. The form also releases the Pearl Fincher Museum of Fine Arts from responsibility in cases of loss, theft, or damage to the artwork, and gives permission for displaying and reproducing the artwork.

7. Judging Criteria

The entries will be judged according to the following criteria.  Each criterion is weighted equally.

      • Technique – The student chooses and utilizes media and tools competently to enhance the appearance of the work.
      • Personal Expression – The evidence of imagination, creativity, and individuality.  The result is distinctive and the concept presented in a unique way that is imaginative and inventive.
      • Organization – The use of elements and the principles of art, effectively selecting those which enhance the overall appearance of the work.
      • Integration – The work combines technique, expression, and organization through artistic and critical judgment to achieve an effective interpretation or result.

Note: The museum and its contest representatives reserve the right to exclude any artwork from consideration in the contest. Any artwork disqualified for not meeting entry requirements – which include adherence to appropriate subject matter guidelines – will not complete the adjudication process. The decisions of the museum & contest representatives are final as relating to all contest matters.

8. Judging Procedure

a. Public School Pre-Adjudication
Each public school district may submit up to 25 entries. The district is responsible for adjudicating their students’ work first in order to arrive at the maximum of 25 entries. The district may determine the number of entries per division as long as the total number of submissions is 25 or less.

b. Private and Home School Students
Each home school teacher and private school may submit up to 20 entries. Private and Home School artwork submissions will be pre-adjudicated by the Pearl. Up to 25 finalists from the Private and Home School ‘District’ will go on to be judged in the final adjudication.

c. Final Adjudication
The jurors will judge the public, private, and home school student finalists based on the criteria listed under Judging Criteria. The final selections will be made solely on the consensus of the panel of jurors.

9. Recognition

a. Place Winners
Students whose artwork receives 1st, 2nd, 3rd place, or Honorable Mention for each division will receive awards appropriate to their grade level. Winning art may be used in print materials and displayed at the discretion of the museum. However, winning art will be returned to the student following the culmination of contest events.

  Division I: Grades 9-12
  1st Place: $1000
  2nd Place: $500
  3rd Place: $300
  Honorable Mention: $100 art gift bag

  Division II: Grades 6-8
  1st Place: $150 and $125 art gift bag
  2nd Place: $100 and $125 art gift bag
  3rd Place: $50 and $125 art gift bag
  Honorable Mention: $50 art gift bag

  Division III: Grades 1-5
  1st Place: $100 art gift bag
  2nd Place: $75 art gift bag
  3rd Place: $50 art gift bag
  Honorable Mention: $25 art gift bag

b. Jurors’ Selection
Artwork that is not selected as a place winner may be selected as a Jurors’ Selection. Juror selection work will be included in the Student Art Contest booklet and possibly exhibited depending on space. Every year, the Student Art Contest receives exceptional artwork from area students and the inclusion of Jurors’ Selection pieces allows us to recognize as many of these students as possible. 

c. 2023 Student Art Contest Winners & Juried Exhibition
All place winners and honorable mentions from the 2024 contest will be on exhibition at the Pearl Fincher Museum of Fine Arts from April 4 – April 30, 2024.  Artwork will be picked up by school representatives by May 13, 2024. 


Student Art Contest 2024 Chair:
Karen Strole and Melinda Jahn

Museum Staff Liaisons:
Grace Mussell
Education Director
[email protected]

Rebecca Howland
Museum Educator
[email protected]

Support the Student Art Contest

There is no required entry fee for students to submit work to the Student Art Contest.  Contest expenses, such as the awards, printing of the contest brochure, and jurors’ fees, are funded by donations from museum supporters, and from sales of Student Art Contest merchandise sold through the museum gift shop.below: 

Art ~ Education ~ Community

A donation of $5 is suggested for adult visitors.
* indicates required

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